Thursday, January 5, 2012

About me Game

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each per­son must post 11 things about them­selves on their blog.
3. Answer the ques­tions the tag­ger set for you in their post

About Me:

1. I take a bath just about every night and read my book in the bath

2. I'm a big baby when I don't feel good...just ask the hubby

3. I drink a lot of green tea

4. I have guilt all the time. Guilt about eating that cookie..guilt about letting my kid play a game. GUILT GUILT

5. I get US weekly every Friday and love love love it.

6. I LOATHE the misuse of the apostrophe. Sorry Brooke I don't even know hhow to spell apostrophe. I do not have good grammer.

7. I love kathie lee and Hoda. I try not to miss an episode nor do I miss a Teen Mom episode.

8. I want a baby girl so bad that it makes me sick.

9. I love Marshalls more than Target. BUT I love getting a Starbucks and ppopcorn with my mom while shopping at Target

10. I would love to adopt but don't ever see it happening. It is just far more money then I have.

11. I love getting mail. It really makes my day to go to the mailbox and see a letter from someone or an US WEEKLY!

The 11 questions from Christina (the blogger who tagged Katie):

1. What was your favorite moment from 2011? Well it was much better then the last part of 2010 for sure. There are so many moments that I love. I can't just pick one.

2. What was your favorite Christmas gift? I would have to say that the gift my son gave me from Santa's workshop at school. It was a sweet little blue box. He said it was to put my ring in when I take my bath. I don't take off my ring but I do put my earrings in it.

3. What's on your list to accomplish in 2012? Saving money by coupons. Get rid of anxiety for once and all. Man I sound like such a sad case.

4. In a pinch, what is your go-to meal to make? Umm well I have been a pinch for the last 3 weeks. I have eggs and toast for dinner.

5. What is your guilty-pleasure show? There is no guilt in my shows. I love them all and proud to tell the world. Kathie lee and Hoda, Housewifes, Teen mom, and the SHORE BABY!

6. How many children do you want? 3 maybe

7. Flats or heels? I can't walk in heels really good. I am a stay at home momma so you know I am in some flats all the time

8. Favorite brand of mascara? Maybelline - whatever I have a coupon for

9. Your greatest accomplishment? My degree. It wasn't easy for me but I made it.

10. Who inspires you most? When I think I am not a good mom I think of my grandma and how she took care of 5 kids with hardly any money. My Aunt Teresa makes me want to keep a clean house. My great Aunt Geneva makes me want to suck it up when I don't feel good.

11. Ever met a celebrity? Yes! My sister in law (Marilyn) and I went to Dallas just hang out. We were starving so we went to the Hard Rock to eat and Kevin Bacon was there performing with his brother. We stayed after to get his autograph. Of course I got his CD.

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  1. I love celeb stories! How cool you got to meet Kevin Bacon! Glad you played along!!


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