Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Boys!

This one was playing with his little action figures yesterday.


Now he is big 2nd grader

This one is my first baby and now he is a 5th grader.


I love these boys with all my heart. They are the most brave little guys I know. They chose to tryout a new school on their own. Life is all about taking chances and I am so proud that they took a chance.



I had to sneak a pic of the 5th grader.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gift boxes!

Have you heard of these awesome gift boxes? First one is Memebox and you only pay for the box you want. If there is one thing a stay at home mom loves it is getting something in the mail. This box would alsobe a good gift for someone.

Memebox is all products from Korea. Check it out!

Another box gift thing is from fun fab fit. You get 4 boxes a year for $49. Most of the stuff you get in your box is high end stuff. Maybe someday I will try these boxes. They look fun.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Blaine's July and August Favorites

Blaine is now 10 years old and is my athletic boy. He loves all things soccer and loves Lionel Messi. His favorite cartoon is Regular Show. In July he saw the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2 with his little brother and dad. Blaine also made several goals in indoor soccer. Mr Blaine loves to ride on the dingo that his grandpa fixed up for him. Chocolate is one of his favorite foods.

Clothes are very important to long as they are athletic.


His new pair of kicks. Reeboks

He loves this new shirt. He can not wait for it to get cold enough to wear it.


Nana and grandpa got him these new Lionel Messi cleats


He loves this new backpack. Good grief those backpacks are expensive. What happened to wanting the little Spongebob backpack?


Socks! This kid is obsessed with socks. Long socks are all the rage.

I can not believe this sweet boy is 10! I need him to stop growing. My first born is so special to me and I could not imagine life without him. I'm his biggest fan! Blaine you have made me a fan of soccer and you are my Lionel Messi.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Audrey's July and August Favorites

Audrey is a 12 pound 4 month old and these things are some of her favorites from the month of July and August. She also has one not so favorite.



She loves this little outfit from Gap

She doesn't have this swimsuit but it is from Gap and her mommy loves it.


This outfit is also from the Gap and its adorable on her! (By the way all these outfits are on sale at Gap)

Audrey is starting to get some teeth. She loves this teething ring from Target.


Ball is fromTarget and it keeps her busy.


Nana got her this doll that big brother named Polly. Audrey loves this doll!


This blanket is mine that my grandma made me when I was a baby. It is now my sweet Audrey's favorite. It is light weight and perfect.


Orajel and vitamin D supplement is a must


How cute is this Huggies wipe holder?


These wash rags are the best and smell so good


Another pic of favorite toys


Loves this little jungle gym

Her not so favorite this month is her four month shots. Those awful things made her have fever and feel bad for 2 days!

Audrey is also rolling over and rolling and rolling and rolling!

Hope you enjoyed Audrey's favorites. Stayed tuned for September favorites!



Thursday, July 31, 2014


I love to watch youtube videos about used up products and if they would buy them again or not.

So I decided I would do the same on my little blog.

Up makeup wipes in grapefruit from Target. Hated them! They burnt my face. Will not buy again.

Ocean Potion Everglow. Love this. You can buy it at Walmart. Gradually tans you.

Aussie hairspray. I will buy again

Its a 10 Miracle Leave In. Love love this stuff! It leaves my hair soft and manageable. This is my 3rd bottle

Baliste Dry Shampoo. Awesome dry shampoo. I will repurchase.

Got 2b glued heat spray. I love this product. I will for sure repurchase

Sunbelt granola cereal. Omg I am hooked on this stuff. I eat it every morning. Try it.

So that is my little empty post. I hope you enjoyed.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Boy's room

I have redone the boys room again. I love redoing rooms. My hubby made the board wall. I love how it turned out. It looks rustic and all cozy.

Before pic

After pics



My brother painted the wall 7 years ago and I just can not rid of it.




I redid the dresser too but can not show it yet because I have not gotten drawer pulls for it.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

So wrong

Ok this looks so wrong but it is so awesome! You suck the snot right out of the baby's nose. I read tons of reviews on this and the ER doctor even suggested it. Don't worry you will not get anything in your mouth. There is a filter and you won't be able to even suck that hard. I used it on my 4 month baby and she slept good all night. I highly recommend this product.


I got mine at Target for $15.99


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