Monday, July 11, 2011

Random facts about me

I read the great magazine called US weekly and love their page of celeb random facts. So here are some of my random facts. I've got nothing else to post about.

I love the smell of new books

Love the smell of really old books

Love cursive writing. My mom had beautiful cursive

Love sitting outside in the morning drinking coffee

Love getting letters in the mail. My mom and aunt Teresa use to write to each other when I was little. I though it was so neat. My friend from 4th grade left in 4th grade and we still to this day write each other. Facebook now has stopped that. I miss it.

Love grocery store flowers.

Loved when my mom would clean houses when I was little It made me love cleaning.

I miss pulling up to my grandmas house when I was little. It was a long drive for a carsick kid but loved her house

I hate oatmeal but eat it every morning

Love choc gummy bears

Miss feeding my Kids Bottles

Love mowing

Love my hubby works so hard so I can stay at home

Thinks my dad is the smartest person on earth.

Thinks my dad is the best dad ever. He would do anything for my brother and I

Love going to walgreens looking at makeup

Hate eating a bitter cucumber

Loved going to red river as a kid

Love home grown cucumbers with salt

Love mcdonalds mango pineapple smoothie

Loved that my mom could be a stay at home mom to me when I was young

Love reading a good book

Hate not being able to get into a book

Love when my kid dresses up. Which is all the time

Hate the word anxiety

Love watching old shows liked my 3 sons

love shopping in Dallas with my momma

Love crablegs with butter

Best memory is eating at toadsuck days inn with my family

Love that my brother found a partner

Live having company

Love the show Kate and ally

Love my cat Nikki who still lived with my parents

Love getting new furniture

Love when I am missed

Love smell of honeysuckle

Love my friend Brooke who is awesome

Love persimmons off a tree

Always wanted a sister
Feel like I call my mom took much

Can't wait to meet my dads dad in heaven

Thinks that my hubby's grandma was awesome

Thinks that my aunt in law can draw and paint so GOOD

Thinks that my nieces are so pretty

Love it when I order fries and get a tator tot in there too

I could go on and on but I am typing this on an iPhone so it is a bit hard. Have a good Monday
Love my friend Brooke who is awesome to me


  1. I miss you so much and can't wait for lunch on Wednesday. Your post made me cry. I am so sad for home and it made me feel like I was a few miles closer. :) thank you.


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